How To Hire An Accountant For Your eCommerce Business

Imagine paying $500 dollars to some random international accountant you found on upwork or fiverr…

Claiming they can implement bookkeeping or tax strategies to help you save money in your business when all they did was string you along…

And take advantage of your lack of knowledge in eCom accounting..how terrible would that feel? 

By the end of this video — you will know EXACTLY the criteria to look for when hiring an accountant for your eCom business.

In this video we are going over the 5 key criterias you need to look for to make sure you hire the perfect ecom accountant for your business — so you do not make the mistake of hiring someone who won’t have your best interest at heart. 

Trust me, it is a very costly mistake to not hire the right person.

“If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

The 5 Criteria

#1- Make sure your ecom accountant is a CPA

#2- Hire an ecom accountant that understands your business from top to bottom

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Hire someone that speaks your lingo…and don’t need you to have to explain to him anything

#3- Hire an ecom accountant that already has clients in your specific niche

#4- Hire a US ecom accountant if at all possible, even if it cost you a bit more

#5- Hire an ecom accountant that is supporting you all year round and can be your outsourced CFO.

Following these tips would enable you to extract the maximum tax savings you’re looking for.

The savings can be tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands with the right situation in place, so it is not something you should push away.

Embrace it, learn it and love it. 

And get yourself the right ecom accountant to take care of it all for you.

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