How To Calculate Safety Stock and Avoid Stockouts in My eCommerce business?


As an eCommerce business owner, here are the top reasons why you should know about safety stocks? Safety Stock helps your business cover the demand during the replenishment lead time. It helps in avoiding stockouts. A trade-off between the safety stock holding cost and stock-outs cost helps in optimizing inventory. Typically, it is suggested that … Read more

How To Calculate Reorder Level For An eCommerce Business?

how to calculate reorder level

Inventory management in e-commerce is harder and involves high fulfillment costs.  One major difference between traditional and online retail is the placement of the order.  In e-commerce retail, there is a delay between when an order is requested on the website and when the products are taken out from the inventory to be delivered.  In … Read more

What Is Cost of Goods Sold – COGS? (All You Need To Know)

Cost Of Goods Sold Explained

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is an accounting term that refers to the cost incurred by a company when goods are sold. In other words, cogs will show you how much it costs your company for every product that goes out the door. As a startup founder, you’ll run into this term as you’re trying … Read more

Inventory Management Accounting: Ultimate Guide for eCommerce

Inventory Management Accounting is one of the most confusing parts to those who entered the eCommerce industry. In fact, 47% of the retailers dealt with the same problems with their inventories. A good Inventory Management however, will bring your business to the highs and lesser lows. By developing a healthy practice in knowing your inventories, … Read more

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