Amazon Tax Exemption Program (ATEP): Everything a Seller Needs To Know?

Amazon Tax Exemption Program

If you are an eCommerce seller, you must read this article for the following reasons: What is Amazon Tax Exemption Program and Why You Should Know As a Seller? How To Enrol For Amazon Tax Exemption Program? Benefits Are Sellers Going To Derive From Amazon Tax Exemption Program? Do you know that, as an Amazon … Read more

Amazon FBA Fees in 2022: All An Amazon Seller Needs To Know

Amazon FBA Fees in 2022

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Bookkeeping for Amazon Sellers: The Complete Guide

Bookkeeping for Amazon Sellers

E-Commerce bookkeeping is one of the most difficult industries to manage. This is because it has many moving parts. An online seller must have an in-depth understanding of the underlying technology to meet the bookkeeping requirements. Each e-Commerce selling platform has its own unique characteristics and fees. For instance, Amazon sellers have to pay amazon … Read more

Managing Long-term storage fees for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon FBA Sellers

An important part in managing any business is setting up reliable information-gathering channels in order to determine your financial health. Selling on Amazon can indeed be quite a profitable venture, but it can also come with some degree of risk. One way to circumvent the usual problems that comes with online retail businesses is through … Read more

What Is Cost of Goods Sold – COGS? (All You Need To Know)

Cost Of Goods Sold Explained

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is an accounting term that refers to the cost incurred by a company when goods are sold. In other words, cogs will show you how much it costs your company for every product that goes out the door. As a startup founder, you’ll run into this term as you’re trying … Read more

US Sales Tax in eCommerce: What You Need to Understand in General

Sales Tax in the US, like most of the countries may be complicated. The fact that the country has 50 states, computing sales tax seems no easy feat. It is also subject to more often than not changes especially that globally, we are facing the pandemic.  Sales tax is a consumption tax imposed by the … Read more

Do Your Ecommerce Bookkeeping Like A Pro

Ecommerce Bookkeeping For Dummies

eCommerce Bookkeeping is easy but first, I have to congratulate you for diving in the modern way of selling and earning anytime, anywhere. Just like many in the eCommerce business selling in Shopify, Amazon or other online selling platforms, you have figured out what to sell and which online platform to display your merchandise. I … Read more