Georgia Sales Tax 2022 – A Complete Guide

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“The State Government of Georgia collects 4% sales tax.”  What Does The Texas Sales Tax 2022 For Businesses Mean? All individuals or entities falling in the category of a “dealer” in O.C.G.A. 48-8-2 are obliged to apply for a sales and use tax number. All individuals and entities selling goods and services online, out of … Read more

Massachusetts Sales Tax 2022 for Businesses: A Complete Guide

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“The statewide sales tax for businesses in Massachusetts is 6.25%” What Does The Sales Tax For Businesses In Massachusetts Mean? The sales tax in Massachusetts refers to the tax imposed by the government on the purchase of most tangible personal items covering certain telecommunication services that are successfully sold or rented. Businesses situated in Massachusetts … Read more

Hawaii Sales Tax 2022 – A Complete Guide

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“All individuals and entities having nexus with government authorities in Honolulu, Hawaii Collect 4% sales tax from their customers. This is applicable in the form of General Sales Tax (GET).” What Does The Hawaii Sales Tax 2022 For Businesses Mean? Hawaii Government allows local tax jurisdictions to collect an additional 0.5% sales tax.  Honolulu does … Read more

Connecticut Sales Tax 2022 – A Complete Guide


“The State Government of Connecticut collects a 6.35% sales tax. ”  What Does The Connecticut Sales Tax 2022 Mean For Businesses? It is slightly different in terms of the rates applicable in other parts of the country.  The state government of Connecticut has not specified the maximum limit of this tax that local government bodies … Read more