How to Read An Income Statement For Online Business?

Income statement

The income statement of a business represents the revenues, expenses, profit or loss, or other comprehensive income. An e-commerce business may earn revenues in ways that are different from other businesses like manufacturing. These may include merchandising activities, membership, subscription, advertising services, or other services like web-hosting, content selling, etc. Likewise, the expenses that an … Read more

How to Analyse Balance Sheet For An E-Commerce Business?

analyse balance sheet

E-commerce is a business model that allows firms and individuals to conduct business over an electronic network. Today, nearly every imaginable product and service is available through e-commerce transactions. One form of e-commerce business is the one that serves online content in the form of news, proprietary information, and knowledge. Another form of e-commerce is … Read more

How To Calculate Reorder Level For An eCommerce Business?

how to calculate reorder level

Inventory management in e-commerce is harder and involves high fulfillment costs.  One major difference between traditional and online retail is the placement of the order.  In e-commerce retail, there is a delay between when an order is requested on the website and when the products are taken out from the inventory to be delivered.  In … Read more

Stripe Fees For Online Businesses (2022 US Guide)

Stripe Fees For Online Businesses

If you’re tired of using PayPal, chances are you’ve heard about Stripe Fees For online businesses. You might be wondering what they actually are and if they apply to your business. If so, this guide is for you. Fortunately, Stripe fees are extremely simple to understand and will not affect your business any more than … Read more

What Crypto Currency Taxes Must I Pay? (2022 US Guide)

What Crypto Currency Taxes Must I Pay?

Since the beginning of cryptocurrencies, there has been a debate about how to tax cryptocurrency. Some are pushing for no taxation at all. This isn’t logical given that almost every other asset is taxed in some way or another, especially income producing ones like stocks and bonds. While others are pushing for 100% taxation on … Read more

Accounting For Startups: The Ultimate Guide In 2022

Accounting For Startups The Ultimate Guide In 2022

Accounting for startups entails monitoring financial activities and analyzing your finances to identify areas where you may develop and enhance. It’s critical for small businesses to have a strong accounting foundation in order to stay organized, increase production, seek financing, control expenses, and detect developing issues and possibilities. Whether you choose to hire an accountant … Read more

Best Guide To Monthly Recurring Revenue in SaaS

Monthly Recurring Revenue

The new class of companies that deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) does not use the conventional financial metrics for tracking the business progress. It’s because such metrics are inadequate and are often misleading. Why? Traditionally, products sold by technology companies primarily comprised equipment or software. Almost all the firms generated revenue by securing purchase … Read more