How to understand and calculate COGS in Amazon FBA store

The term COGS is an abbreviation of Cost Of Goods Sold. In general, it refers to the direct cost associated with creating or manufacturing a product. For example, raw materials and labor can be included as part of your COGS calculation for inventory purposes. You might also include factory overhead expenses such as equipment depreciation … Read more

How to Create and Grade SKU in eCommerce stores

What is SKU? SKU is an acronym for Stock Keeping Unit, which is a unique identifier for a product.  The first thing you need to understand is that no SKU comes with each product sold. Instead, there are retailers, warehouses, distributors and other middle men involved in the process of getting items from manufacturers to … Read more

How to Understand and Manage the Cash Flow Cycle for eCommerce business

eCommerce Cash Flow Cycle facts & figures If you are like most eCommerce entrepreneurs, you probably already figured out that one of the greatest challenges is to ensure fast (and cost-efficient) shipping. This article delves deeper into the issue, by sharing facts & figures about how long it takes for funds to reach your bank … Read more